Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I'm about to show you might be shocking...

But this is the sad state of affairs my room is in.  WARNING:  Do not view if you faint easily at the sight of messiness and disorganization!

Yes.  This is what my bedroom currently looks like.  I say currently because I haven't started organizing it yet.  By tonight I plan on posting an updated picture showing what it will look like.

Why am I posting embarrassing pictures of my bedroom that look like audition photos for A&E's 'Hoarders'?  Because step 1 of Operation Etsy Shop is creating an organized work space for my crafts and business.  Sitting on the living room couch and knitting while I watch my DVDs of 'Glimore Girls' is great and all; but when it comes time to mass produce my items, it just won't do.

My goal for today is to make my room less "homey" and more utilitarian.  That means the awards and Smiths album covers will be moved to the living wall of frames and photos; the DVDs will move to the living room, too, while the books that are not related to crafting or small business will hidden away in my closet until a better place can be made; my desk will no longer double as my vanity in the morning; and all space will be used as efficiently as possible.

It'll be an ongoing process — I've got my eye on some wire frame shelves at either Lowe's or Target — and there will be more progress made to the work space over the next few months.  The overall goal is to manage the clutter better; not necessarily eliminating it, but making sure that it is better contained.

If that doesn't work, there's got to be some HGTV or DIY Network show about clutter that I can get on.

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