Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Called a Tech Problem

10:30: For some reason an iPad won't give a scroll bar for blog windows. Oh well.

Martha is still in the kitchen making an apple cake. She is really cracking on Alexis. Who knew she had such a good sense of humor? Her appearances on Conan were not a fluke.

10:39: We won't get to actually try the cake and soup, but we will get the recipes for free. I can guarantee that rookies will demand that apple-nut cake.

Live from the Martha Stewart show!!!!

Hello my intrepid, Super Crafters!

I am so very happy to be coming to you from THE crafting Mecca--the Martha Stewart Show!!!!

I'll be updating until about 11:30 am on the blog and Tweeting @HandwerkBKLYN, in addition Tweet chatting at tweet chat.

9:54: Martha is only moments from Martha. And they just let us tour!

10:06: Alexis's book is not an autobiography! Repeat, the book is not an autobiography!

10:09: Even Martha believe's that people should stay home and craft.

10:10: Demo on crackle paint. It can be a messy project, but it looks like the Martha products make it simple. Two steps! The crackle base and the paint overlay.

10:15: Martha's in the kitchen, but I'm wondering what I'm going to make with the Martha Stewart acrylic paint.

Walking into the studio there was a HUGE photo of the new Martha Stewart yarns from Lion Brand and I got sudden urge to knit. "Must knit now."