Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello, Super Crafters!!!

As I hinted at yesterday, I have some very exciting news to share:  on Wednesday, February 22nd, Handwerk BKLYN will go live as an Etsy shop.

Why February 22nd?  Why not today?  Well, there’s a lot of things to do to start your own business.

You wouldn’t believe how much there is to do: getting the right city, state, and federal licenses; obtaining trademarks and copyrights; opening a small business bank account; and then, finally, building an inventory of items so I can actually sell something.

Don’t worry, though, I will not be forgetting all of you.  I’ll still be updating the blog and posting projects and tutorials.  I’ll also be posting updates on the Etsy shop progress, so you’ll get to watch it grow.

Keep on craftin’.


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