Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Whole New Appreciation for Vermont

So.... My friends T&T have two adorable children and the younger one (a BEAUTIFUL little girl) turned one yesterday; the party is this weekend and I thought, instead of buying a present, I'd make her one. I was hiking to Mood last Friday anyway and I decided to get some felt and whatnot.

The only problem: I had no idea, though, what I was going to make!

Luckily, I had my sketch book with me, so I whipped out my sketch book and started sketching. That's right. I was sketching out my idea in the middle of Mood!!!!! Plus, Swatch the dog was running and playing all over the store. The only way the day could have been better was if Tim Gunn stepped out and called 5 minutes left.

I used the weekend to finish a couple of other projects and started patterning last night. Did I mention that I've never made a stuffed animal before?

The hardest part, I knew, would be the head. It's the curviest part of the design and the most geometric. I came up with a pattern last night, but I wasn't happy with it, so I patterned more tonight. Well, neither pattern was really working. At all.

So, I've set aside that idea and I'm going back to the original plan of an Ugly Doll-style stuffed toy. Yep, I did what I always do. I think "Hey! I've never done that before. I think I'd like to try it." and then choose to do the hardest version possible. I don't have the time it'll take to tweak the patterns, nor a limitless amount of muslin.

It's literally back to the drawing board for me.

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